About Us

The Managed Care Executive Group (MCEG) is a national organization that provides a forum for the open exchange of information, innovative ideas, and experience among senior health plan leaders. MCEG was formed in 1998. The organization uniquely serves as a community of executives who act as resources to each other throughout the year in navigating the tactical and strategic issues facing organizations today. The purpose of MCEG is to create a comfortable forum for the exchange of ideas, the development of valuable peer relationships and the opportunity to explore the innovation that will transform organizations and the industry.


Our Immediate and Specific Objectives

    • Create an environment for the open exchange of information and insight among health plan executives
    • Develop forums (webinars, whitepapers, conferences) for the enhancement of information technology and operations in healthcare
    • Provide feedback on the trends and technology needed to ensure products and services meet present and future healthcare needs
    • Educate executives on clinical and administrative trends, new and emerging technologies, and other innovations to assist in achieving cost containment, effective service and high quality healthcare


What We Offer

    • Access to the nation’s leading health plan executive thought leaders.
    • Annual Forum consistently rated by members as among the best that they have attended.
    • Each year a new “Top 10″ that drives action agenda.
    • LinkedIN Group with exclusive membership to allow for candid member discussions.
    • Networking opportunities throughout the year by way of conference calls and webinars.
    • Repository of case studies, white papers and technology position papers.