For 25 years, the Managed Care Executive Group (MCEG) has been a national organization whose charter has been to bring health plan leaders together to exchange information, develop innovative ideas, learn from thought leaders, and work towards one goal of an optimal health care system.  MCEG serves as a community of executives who openly collaborate to understand and navigate the tactical and strategic issues facing our industry.  These  collaborative efforts have been published and shared at industry conferences, such as AHIP, and have become the driving force behind many transformation initiatives.


Just as MCEG has helped to transform our market, the industry itself is also transforming at a rapid pace. The typical roles of health plans, providers, hospitals, and pharmacies continues to evolve with Health Plans assuming more risk as they begin to operate clinics, providers and hospitals. Likewise pharmacies have entered healthcare delivery through direct patient care. Our ecosystem is truly changing which creates an even greater reliance on groups like MCEG.


This industry change, has greatly affected the role of the health care executive, as business is becoming more complex.  All health care leaders now, more than ever,  need an open forum to exchange  ideas and insights.  To support the broadening role of the health care executive, the Managed Care Executive Group is expanding its charter and will be changing its name to the Health Care Executive Group (HCEG) and will be broadening its reach by inviting all health care executives to participate, regardless of the industry sector.  The Health Care Executive Group (HCEG) will continue to offer a forum for networking, learning, and collaboration, but the conversations will  change focus and include an expanded horizon that will drive an open dialogue to address the collective challenges facing our industry. We have learned, through experience, that we are not alone and are all striving to solve similar and overlapping problems. Come join us in this journey.


The HCEG board of directors is working on updating the organization’s charter and governance.  HCEG is, and will remain, an organization that is run by health care executives on behalf of health care executives.  It will continue to provide valuable insights to its members, as well as, an annual forum for our health care executives to meet face-to-face to discuss industry trends and learn from one another or thought leaders.  The annual forum, will change. We are moving the forum from the spring of 2015 to the fall, as well as, redesigning the program to ensure we broaden our audience.  The inaugural HCEG forum will be held in October 2015 and we will share more information as it becomes available.   We look forward to your continued participation in HCEG as we face the next 25 years of change. Together we can, and will, change the face of healthcare delivery.